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Policy 1.1.1   Statement of Mission             
Policy 1.2      Equal Education Opportunities
Policy 2.1      Board Election Process with Resources
Policy 2.2      Board Member Training
Policy 2.3      Board Committees
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Policy 2.4.1   Conflict of Interest - Board of Directors
Policy 2.4.2   Prohibition of Sexual, Religious, and
                    Racial Harassment and Violence
Policy 2.4.3   Gifts to Employees and Board Members
Policy 2.5      Open and Closed Meetings
Policy 2.6      Acceptance and Administration of Gifts
Policy 2.7      Executive Director (Principal) Hiring,                                    Supervision, and Evaluation
Policy 2.8      Tort Liability
Policy 2.9      Nepotism
Policy 3.1      Record Retention and Destruction
Policy 3.2      Administration of the MDGPA
Policy 4.1.1   Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity
Policy 4.1.2   At Will Employment
Policy 4.1.3   Criminal Background Checks
Policy 4.2      Public and Private Personnel Data
Policy 4.3.1   Employee Benefits
Policy 4.3.2   Salary and Wage Compensation System
Policy 4.4.1   Family and Medical Leave Act
Policy 4.4.2   Minnesota Parental Leave Act
Policy 4.5.1   Prohibition Against Unfair Discriminatory 
                    Practices in Employment and Grievance Procedures
Policy 4.5.2   Code of Conduct for Employees Licensed by the BOT
Policy 4.5.3   Employee Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
Policy 4.5.4   Outside Employment
Policy 4.5.5   Gifts to Employees and Board Members
Policy 4.5.6   Use of Reasonable Force and Prohibition
                    on Use of Corporal Punishment
Policy 4.6.1   Health and Safety Including Employee
                    Right to Know
Policy 4.6.2   Bloodborne Pathogens
Policy 4.6.3   Communicable Disease and Infections
Policy 4.6.4   Drug Free Workplace Drug Free School
Policy 4.6.5   Referring of Firearms Possessor
Policy 4.6.6   Weapons on School Grounds
Policy 4.7.1   Maltreatment of Minors / Mandatory Reporting
Policy 4.8.1   Use of Internet, Email, Computers,
                    Voicemail and Other Electronic Systems
Policy 4.8.2   Employee Use of Social Media and Guidelines
Policy 4.9      Employees Rights Regarding Termination
Policy 4.10    Whistleblower
Policy 4.11    Teacher Evaluation
Policy 5.1.1   Admissions Policy With Lottery
Policy 5.2.1   Attendance and Absences
Policy 5.2.2   Compulsory Attendance
Policy 5.3.1   Student Educational Data
Policy 5.3.2   Adjudicated Juveniles
Policy 5.3.3   Directory Information
Policy 5.3.4   Transfer of Educational Records
Policy 5.4.1   Prohibition Against Unfair Discriminatory                                    Practices in Education and Grievance Procedures
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Policy 5.4.2   Bullying Prevention and Response
Policy 5.4.3   Anti-Hazing                     
Policy 5.4.4   Student Discipline
Policy 5.4.5   Pupil Fair Dismissal Process
Policy 5.4.6   Dress Code Religious Neutral
Policy 5.5.1   Chemical Use and Abuse
Policy 5.5.2   Drug Free Workplace Drug Free School
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Policy 5.5.3   Tobacco Free Environment
Policy 5.5.4   Concussion Management
Policy 5.5.5   Communicable Diseases and Infections
Policy 5.5.6   Allergies
Policy 5.5.7   Student Transportaion and School Bus Safety
Policy 5.5.8   Student Medicine in School
Policy 5.5.9   Weapons on School Grounds
Policy 5.5.10 Wellness Policy
Policy 5.6.1   Section 504 Accomodations
Policy 5.6.2   Use of Restraints
Policy 5.6.3   Removal of Students with IEPs
Policy 5.7.1   Tennessen Warning
Policy 5.7.2   School Lockers
Policy 5.7.3   Students Free Speech Rights
Policy 5.8.1   Cyberbullying Prohibited Use of Technology
Policy 5.8.2   Internet and Educational Network Safety and                      Acceptable Use
Policy 5.8.3   Use of Social Media in School
Policy 5.9.1   Student Extracurricular Participation
Policy 5.15    Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records
Policy 6.1      Grades
Policy 6.2      Length of School Year and School Calendar
Policy 6.3      Promotional and Retention
Policy 6.4      Release Time for Religious Events and                                  Religious Accommodation
Policy 6.5      Online Learning
Policy 6.6      Pledge of Allegiance
Policy 6.7      Field Trips and Travel Policy
Policy 6.8      Parent Involvement
Policy 6.9      Compliance with Academic Standards and                            Authorizer Contract
Policy 7.2.1   Board Approval of Vendor Contracts
Policy 7.2.2   Bidding For Services From Authorizer
Policy 7.3.1   Electronic Transfer of Funds
Policy 7.3.2   Expense and Reimbursement for Board and                          Employees
Policy 7.3.3   Fundraising
Policy 7.3.4   Student Fee Requirements and Prohibitions
Policy 7.4      Data Access Policy for Members of the Public
Policy 7.5      Annual Audit
Policy 7.7      Sale or Purchase of State Property
Policy 7.8      Designation of Depositories
Policy 7.9      Collateral Requirements for Depositories
Policy 7.10    Investments
Policy 7.11    Safekeeping of Investments, Contracts, and                        Agreements
Policy 8.1      Crisis Management Policy
Policy 8.2      Purchasing Procurement Policy
Policy 8.3      Credit Card Use Policy
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