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The Mission of Success Academy

is to prepare students to become excellent questioners, scientific thinkers and responsible citizens. 


Students will work respectfully and collaboratively applying scientific, technological, and mathematical concepts to develop a strong work ethic and critical thinking skills needed to solve problems in the real world and to prepare them for future academic success.

The Vision of Success Academy  

is to embrace a multidisciplinary and blended (traditional classroom and digital learning) curriculum with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to provide a challenging learning environment that values creativity, diversity and multiculturalism to prepare its students for life-long learning, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.


Mission and Vision
Success Academy's mission supports our vision for a new public school that:
  • Implements a rigorous standards based academic program that is specifically focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Leadership (via FOSS scope and sequence and on-line learning opportunities (i.e. free and commercial on-line course work)) and for which differentiation will be driven via Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) for all students;

  • Ensures that all students pursue higher education and occupations that will continually challenge their intellect;

  • Transforms all students into citizens who think independently, critically, creatively, and ethically;

  • Fosters self-esteem and engender all students to view themselves as valuable and to take responsibility for their actions;

  • Will be an enthusiastic, dynamic learning environment staffed with instructors committed to teaching to high standards and meeting the learning needs of students, both collectively and individually;

  • Will be a learning community, comprised of numerous and varied stakeholders, supporting each student’s academic, emotional, and physical development;

  • Will be a learning environment that sustains high academic achievement for all students through on-going authentic assessments and open accountability of all stakeholders.


Why STEM Education?























Learning Environment Overview
The primary learning environment at Success Academy will be the classroom, heavily augmented with technology. There will also be opportunities to learn outside of the classroom on planned STEM field trips as well as site visits to partners: individuals, organizations or otherwise. The goal of Success Academy will be that K-5 students have at least one outdoors session each week, and at the discretion of individual teachers, more often than that if possible. Both inside and outside the classroom, leadership experiences and/or service opportunities will be included in student lesson planning. Teachers in each classroom will be empowered and have the responsibility to maximize the finite resource of time. Curriculum mapping, sequencing, pacing and lesson planning will be performed by the teachers themselves, the teachers in collaboration with a lead teacher, and, if deemed necessary, by an external STEM consultant.  


Curriculum Overview
The Minnesota State Academic Standards constitute the curriculum guideline for Success Academy. In every subject area, teachers will ensure that all benchmarks contained in the standards will be met before year’s end. The link from the standards to instruction is created by backwards planning, from the standards to everyday classroom activities. An important distinction in the planning for teachers at Success Academy will be that teachers in collaboration with the lead teacher will determine when standards will be taught and how. Also classroom teachers will work closely with the lead teacher to create weekly, monthly and quarterly assessments.

Learning Environment
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